Common Ground

Civility and Trust

Our tradition is that right make might, not might make right. We choose whether or not to uphold this as a birthright by keeping our values front-and-center. Democratic participation is a hard-fought right, and it has been attained through war, activism, and our persistent vigilance against those who would undermine our voting rights or our electoral system. Our DUTY, is to honor those who have protected, pushed, and preserved our republic by fighting for our civil rights and keeping context during our elections as we make and decide who will represent us, and then continuously reflecting on what we seek to “do together, through our government, because we cannot do them by ourselves.”


We believe that fear is not a way of life. Our leaders are responsible for ensuring that our communities are prepared, understand the threats, manage risks, and are resilient when facing adversity. Our security challenges are both new and ancient, and they are intensified by the modern world we live in today and the role we play in it as Floridians, United States Citizens, and members of the global community that our Greatest Generation built after World War II. These challenges are real and how we face them is a testament to who we are and who we choose to be as a people. As Floridians, and Americans, we can lead.


We choose, in each generation, the role that government plays in our community life. In each generation, we decide the weight that we will bear as free and responsible individuals or as a society bound by common values and a mutual destiny. Our system of federalism is always working to balance out the roles that are played by us, as citizens, our local community, our state governments, and our national government. Each layer of our national community serves as an opportunity to be a laboratory of discovery and experimentation in the interests of building a better, more stable, society and nation. Where we know we can move forward, we must. The beauty of our system is that it’s stability is dependent upon our engaging with one another and then choosing how we are to adapt with the discoveries we make and the circumstances of the times in which we live.


Our institutions, communities, infrastructure, and systems must be forward leaning, predictable, and adaptive. We have the responsibility to both think anew and act boldly – not just for ourselves, but also for the example it sets. Florida has an opportunity to reset for the future and lead the nation by setting the example in education and training, energy, transportation, agriculture, recreation, technology, and public health. Florida can lead and pioneer by encouraging private companies to come to our central Florida region and our state to conduct research and development, experiment with ideas and the most advanced technological concepts, and build the future through design, modeling, production, and manufacturing (either physically or virtually).  A strong, sustainable infrastructure encourages capital investment , stabilizes a tax base, and ensures industry leaders and small businesses have confidence when establishing roots in our communities and planning their workforce needs.