Justin R. Miller

Accomplished Leader | Decorated Navy Veteran

Central Florida Roots

Born in Orlando, Justin grew up in Seminole county. He attended multiple elementary schools and Jackson Heights Middle School before, for a brief period, living in Pinellas County where he attended Tarpon Springs Middle School and then Pinellas Park High School. At Pinellas Park High School, Justin was a student in the inaugural class of the Criminal Justice Academy (a magnet school). He returned to Winter Springs his junior year and graduated from Lyman High School in 1998.

Justin is a graduate of Lyman High School ('98). Photo does not imply endorsement and is only provided to convey biographical information.

Public Servant with Diversity of Experience

Growing up wanting to be in the Navy, Justin enlisted into the Navy’s Delayed Enlistment Program early his senior year and left for boot camp in Great Lakes quickly after graduation. His 20 year career as a Navy intelligence professional allowed him to lead and support Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen, from all over the nation and world.

Justin served in support of multiple national missions, deployed overseas twice while assigned to two warships, worked hand-in-hand with selective special operations units doing research and development, and voluntarily deployed as a direct support specialist and analyst on the ground in Iraq. He also deployed to the Republic of South Korea to support the United Nations’ mission under United States Forces Korea.

Additionally, he spent time as a military instructor and school house manager, serving as a subject matter expert and curriculum developer. As the community training manager, he was responsible for shaping and delivering professional training and leadership for Sailors operating at all levels of war (strategic, operational, and tactical).

Justin also served and supported his fellow Sailors as a religious layleader while deployed. He delivered lay-led sermons, facilitated services, and led evening prayers weekly.

Decorated Navy Veteran and Intelligence Expert

Before his retirement from the Navy, Justin’s career saw him promoted meritoriously twice, recognized for leadership and expertise through multiple commendations and achievement medals, and he was selected for competitive honors and selective duties. He is still a recognized leader and respected professional by his peers and within his specialized field in the Navy and community.


He also served as the ship’s action officer during an interagency mission with NASA to conduct research and development, evaluate hardware and systems, and design integrated procedures to enable future at-sea recoveries by the Navy of the ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle.

Accomplished Leader

Justin has a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science (AMU) and a Masters of Arts in Public Policy (AMU). His academics focused on government and constitutional theory, political theory, national security, terrorism, cyber warfare, public health, research, and public policy. He is also a graduate of the US Navy Senior Enlisted Academy located at the Naval War College in Rhode Island and of a Department of Defense Mid-Level Executive Leadership Program.

Consistent and Focused Professional

Justin currently serves as a Vice President for a local non-profit with a national mission and reach, and he is the Founder, CEO, and Research Director for Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC, a nonpartisan public policy research firm. He is also a member of multiple veterans organizations, defense community organizations, business community associations, and leadership organizations, which include the New Leaders Council – Orlando, the Truman National Security Project, and the Orlando Mayor’s Veterans Advisory Council.

Loyal Husband and Father

Justin is married to his high school sweetheart (a Lake Brantley High School graduate). He has three children who were home educated by his wife during the family’s Navy Service. Now that the family is settled, they attend the University of Central Florida, Hagerty High School, and Jackson Heights Middle school. The family attends First Unitarian Church of Orlando (est. ~1912).

Per DOD Directive 1344.10, neither the military information nor photograph herein imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or the Department of the Navy. Justin Miller is a retired Navy Sailor of 20 years. Any use of his military rank, job titles, or photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement and they are provided to inform on his biography and public service history. PHOTO: First Klass Memories Photograghy, LLC, By Clyde Lemon. June 1, 2018.